Design Infidelity
is an auxiliary design methodology.


It helps designers to break away from formulaic modes of problem solving, and offers alternative methods for achieving deep empathy, measuring value, solving problems and implementing change.



Every workshop follows the core methodology, with its own unique offering written for educational partners, internal teams and festival audiences.


Next public workshop:

Alternative Methods for Thinking and Acting.

Today, designers are playing vital strategic roles in businesses, affecting policy and systemic change, reshaping futures and creating meaningful impact.

Through all this, they utilise a toolkit of design methodologies. Yet with emerging design professionals now expected to work in such divergent fields, do we need alternative processes and thinking methods to tackle contemporary challenges?

This day-long workshop begins with a series of activities and exercises that challenge notions of who designers are, and why they do what they do. Then, we look beyond design into other professions to find new ways to think and act when solving design problems.


June 3, 2017  ●  Spaces, Sydney


Past workshops

Designers In The Real World
with General Assembly, Melbourne

The Design is in The Detail
with Melbourne Design Week

Design, Designing and the Designer
through the Design Infidelity Meetup group






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Design Infidelity sessions are run by Double Days: an investigative design studio in Melbourne, Australia.


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