Aimee is an digital designer and researcher.

With a history in web, animation and motion graphics, Aimee has always been characterised by her interest in travel, community and communication — a combination that led her towards digital design and user research.

Originally from the UK, Aimee currently lives in New Zealand and works as a designer and researcher.

  Bonnie Abbott

Bonnie is a designer and researcher.

With an early career in publication design and design writing, Bonnie was appointed editor of Australia's oldest design publication Desktop from 2013—2015, and has presented talks and workshops on self-publishing, adaptive design processes, and content-driven design, before moving into strategic design and research.

She currently teaches at RMIT and Monash University, and an independent writer and researcher.


Together, Bonnie and Aimee represent Double Days: a research-led, experimental design studio.

Founded in 2011, every Double Days project and initiative is not-for-profit and seeks to contribute to the wider design community.

To find out more, visit Double Days.


A short history:

Design Infidelity began as a studio written by Bonnie Abbott for RMIT University in 2015. Its aim was to expose students to the demands of cross-functional or collaborative design teams that work across a number of processes. It studied the ways that non-designers work and recognise value as an exercise in developing adaptive personal processes that can cope with dynamic environments. 

After a successful semester, the material was adopted as a Double Days project and refined into a modular workshop that could offer the same level of challenge to broader design disciplines. With each workshop that is held, the methodology grows and evolves: building an ever-greater process library, more robust toolkits, all driven by the knowledge created between the facilitator and the participants.